When people hear the words’ weight loss they automatically assume that it means a person is losing weight but they don’t understand that losing weight will not do anything to help them get back to a normal weight. In fact, many people are put off from trying to reduce their weight because they think that the term weight loss is just some kind of marketing scheme for selling diets and weight loss pills. However, sudden, very visible weight loss can occur during a stressful time, whether it is an emotional or physical trauma or even a medical emergency. It is perfectly natural to shed a very noticeable amount of excess weight after a difficult financial crisis, marriage, separation, bereavement or other major life change. When weight loss occurs suddenly it is usually a symptom of another underlying health issue.

The Truth About Weight Loss

The weight loss occurs for several different reasons. Some people might have just lost a substantial amount of water weight and there may be a temporary shortage of electrolytes. Other times people will experience muscle and bone fatigue or lose extra skin and muscle, which could be caused by a lack of vitamin A, C and E. People will also lose weight when they stop taking certain medications or eat food that has been contaminated with bacteria. If you experience sudden rapid weight loss you should seek medical advice as quickly as possible.

Weight loss does not occur because of a shortage of water or electrolytes, but because of a lack of nutrients, particularly the types of nutrients that are responsible for burning fat.